Aromamatic Electric Oil Vaporizer without Light(Please call us to confirm the colours avaliable)

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Product Description

Without Light Classic Electric Burner
Aromamatic Electric Oil Vaporizer
The Aromatherapy Electric Vaporizer vaporizes essential oils much more subtly than candle burners and without affecting their aromatic properties.

Avoids the use of hot oily water.
Safe to handle when in use.
Remains cool to the touch and will not overheat.

Clean and convenient.

Easy to maintain and use.
Eliminates the volatile naked flame and messy candle wax.

Costs less than 2 dallor a day.

Vaporizer temperature remains constant when left on.

Self-regulating low temperature produces subtle, effective vaporization.

Self regulated low operating temperature of below 80°C.
Rated at less than 4 watts of power.
Fully insulated internal wiring system.
The ceramic case has natural insulating characteristics.
Carries the Australian Communication Authority’s C-Tick indicating that it will not cause Interference to nearby communication and electrical equipment.
How To Use The Aromatherpy Electric Vaporizer
Simply plug in to a standard electrical outlet and allow 15 minutes to reach full operating temperature
Add 8-10 drops of your favourite essential oil or blend to the recessed bowl and enjoy.
Use only pure essential oils.
Essential oils diluted with base/carrier oils will not vaporize.
Take care not to overfill the vaporizer.
Use only recommended quantities
Spilled oils may damage some sufaces.

Assembled in China to Aromatic Products Specifications

Designed in Australia


Consumer Assistance Chart - Questions & Answers

Q. Why don't I add water ?
The Aromamatic vaporizer does not require water to assist in the vaporizeration of essential oils. As the low heat emitted by the recessed bowl is sufficient to vaporize the essential oils withour burning them. The use of water with oil burners is necessary to control high temperature heating.

Q. How long will the oil last ?
This depends on the essential oil used. A base not oil (eg. Sandlawood) will take longer to vaproizer than a middle note oil (eg Lavender), which in turn will take longer to vaporizer than a top note oil (eg. Lemon). Essential oil blends will vaporize differently, according to the combination of essential oils used in the blend.

Q. How often do I have to add oil to the vaporizer ?
As often as you wish, remembering that the aroma from the essential oil will linger in the atmosphere fo some time after the oil has vaporizered.

Q. What happens when the oil has finished vaporizing ?
Nothing - No harm will come to the vaporizer when the oil has vaporized away.
To get the best from the vaporizer please remeber to clean it regulary.

Q. Do I have to turn the vaporizer off when the oil has vaporizered ?
NO - with it's low temperature control, the Aromamatic Vaporizer allows a safe and continuous operation.

Q. I can't smell the oil ?
Our sense of smell is such that aroma which is continuously inhaled throught the olfactory system will cease to be recoginzed after a period of time. This is called fading.

Q. My vaporizer is getting too hot ?
The temperature cannot and will not vary unless the vaporizer has ceased to operate altogether. Do the Touch Test.

Q. My vaporizer is not getting hot enough ?
Do the Touch Test.

Q. My Vaporizer is not working properly.
The type of oil used will make all the difference to the performance of the vaporizer which has been designed for use with pure essential oils, rather than fragrance oils.

What type of Oil are you using ?
a. Is it a pure essential oil? Is it a respected brand of essential oil.
b. Is it a blend of oil? If so what is in the blend?
c. Is the oil diluted in a base oil? eg. Rose in 3% jojoba oil.
d. Remember to clean the vaporizer regularly.

Are you using water in the Aromamatic Electric Oil Vaprozer ?
Have you cleaned the vaporizer recently.

Q. The oil is leaking through the bowl and maybe damaging the base plate.
Unless the ceramic bowl is creaked the oil cannot leak through the base plate.
It is more likely that too much oil has been added, or water has been added with oil causing spillage, affecting the base plate.

The Touch Test
To establish if the Aromamatic Vaporizer is working correctly follow these instruction:
1. Turn the vaporizer on and allow it to reach full temperature (approx 15min).
2. Lightly touch the centre of the bowl with your finger.
3. If the vaporizer is warm to the touch then it is working correctly.