Model: BRAD08

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Product Description

Take your favourite aromatherapy essential oil on the road. The car vaporizer can soothe, refresh and promote well being while you drive.
1 Car Vaporiser and 5 pads
Size: 10 x 5cm
Car vaporizers let you enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy while you drive, soothing your anxiety, refreshing your mind and promoting general well being.
* Does not overheat
* Safe to touch at all times
* There is no oil spillage from the porous pad
* Clean and convenient to use

Simply apply two or four drops of your favourite essential oil on the reusable pad, insert it into the car vaporizer and then plug it into your car's cigarette lighter.

Assists in:
* Preparing for a long drive
* Warding off the winter blues
* Travel sickness
* Hiding tobacco and unpleasant odours
* Freshening and harmonising