Preserved fresh flower gift box and Essential Oil DIY Kit (Approx. 1hr)


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Preserved fresh flower gift box and Essential Oil DIY Kit (Approx. 1hr)

Unleash your artistic potential, and design your own preserved fresh flower gift box.  All flower boxes areaccompanied with a bottle of “Fascination Blend”essential oil with your own concoction, priced at HKD $499 for minimalist kit; HKD $699 for the elevated kit and HKD $899 for the premium kit. This workshop is an ideal day out with your gal pals, whether it is for a birthday, a bridal shower or a baby shower, each and every one will leave with a beautiful box of preserved flowers, that will last up to 3 years.

Without any prior knowledge of essential oils, distinguishing a genuine bottle from an imitation can be hard.  Most of the self-claimed ‘pure’ essential oils are simply fragrance oils that only provide attractive scents without therapeutic health benefits and the natural captivating smell.  This workshop provides you the hands-on experience to select your best essential oil with pure requisite qualities.

What’s more is that Hong Kong has serious pollution problem, with the climate being so humid. This is a haven for germs and viruses to thrive. DK Aromatherapy offers you a detailed experience to learn and apply different essential oils for anti-septic and anti-virus in our daily lives. This workshop will also DIY an anti-bacterial hand sanitizer (Approx 10ml)

10% off for 2 students registration at the same time. Students will also enjoy product discount 10% off after finish the workshop on spot.

Please call our Causeway Bay shop at 31883158 for enquiry or enrollment.

Workshop venue: 2/F, No.3 Pak Sha Road, Causeway Bay