Frosty Garden “Ride-with-You” Set for 2 person

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Frosty Garden “Ride-with-You” Set
Take all Frosty delicacies in a handy
Fuel yourself energy in your own garden.

DK Cuppa Tea is delighted to lift you a ride to your frosty garden. This “Ride-With-You” set gathers the essentials to build a garden and fuel you up with frosty energy!
The Frosty Garden “Ride-with-You” Set is available at two convenient locations at DK Cuppa Tea

The build of your frosty garden starts with the foundation with scone and tartlets. The scone is made with natural yeast and it tastes fantastic with Jam, together with the tartlets will give you strength for the frosty sweet.

The snowflake-ridden Earl Grey cupcakes and macarons are too beautiful to eat, with them a mouthful will refresh you from head to button, Earl Grey carousel cookies will settle you down on the ground. The last taste of crispy cake and the chocolate set a finale of your garden building.

The Frosty Garden “Ride-with-You” Set is priced at HKD 348/Set (2 persons serving) or HKD 568/Set (4 persons serving). Having the set riding with you is the best way to motion ourselves in our daily lives.

For 4 person: $568
Earl Grey CupCake 4 pieces
Earl Grey Macaroon 4 pieces
Earl Grey carousel cookies 4pieces
Rice Krispy cake 4 pieces
English Scone 4 pieces  (with Rose Jam)
Vegetable Tarts 4 pieces
Chocolate 4 pieces
High-Tea Stand

or 2 people: $348
Earl Grey CupCake 2 pieces
Earl Grey Macaroon 2 pieces
Earl Grey carousel cookies 2 pieces
Rice Krispy cake 2 pieces
English Scone 2 pieces  (with Rose Jam)
Vegetable Tarts 2 pieces
Chocolate 2 pieces
High-Tea Stand

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