Environment Support for Pets (Spray bottle) 25ml

Model: FEDT014

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Product Description

Support for pets easily affected by environmental change, electromagnetic field or air pollution.



The modern world with ever-present electromagnetic waves is highly stressful to pets which are sensitive to "vibration”.


Particularly smaller pets are far more sensitive that humans to even small amounts of radiation, air pollution and electromagnetic activity and this spray helps make their living environment more comfortable.


Additionally, when pets have had a frightening experience such as an accident or being attacked by another animal, spraying their living area can help speed up recovery and boost their energy.


Because it is a spray type, it is very effective when your pet is exhausted and is not drinking much water.


This product is also useful in improving the living environment for pets which have suffered abuse, been abandoned, or otherwise have developed a distrust of humans.


Good for pets which are left alone for long periods.



Combination extract:


 Heart leaf, Echinacea, Yarrow White, Life of men, Red clover, Fireweed, Labrador tea, Dill