Happiness Flower Essence 25ml

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Product Description

Don’t worry be Happy!

This flower essence blend is destined to help regulate emotions that produce Happiness. It contains:

Wild Rose: helps to motivate you to live with joy and a commitment to life, even though it is full of trials or pain

Nasturtium: reduces overthinking, while moving the intellect out of the head and into the heart; creates radiant vitality; glowing warmth; transmutation of intellect and emotions

Pink Yarrow:  produces loving awareness of others with an open, protected heart.  Feeling appropriate emotional boundaries, while having a self-contained consciousness.

Yellow Yarrow gives you a feeling of inner protection while remaining open to others. Having an active social life; while preserving a sense of personal integrity.

White Yarrow: helps create inner radiance with a strong auric field, compassionate awareness, inclusive sensitivity, beneficent and flexible healing and psychic forces.

Bleeding Heart: helps give emotion freedom with an open heart and the ability to love others unconditionally.

Borage fills you with courage and optimism, bounding with lively and enthusiastic heart forces.

Buttercup: gives you a feeling of being self-assured, with a shining inner light, that is not attached to outer recognition or fame.

Self Heal: give you a healthy, vital sense of Self; healing and beneficent forces arising from within oneself, deep sense of wellness, wholeness and Happiness.