Aromatic Disinfectant Hand Gel 75ml

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Aromatic Disinfectant Hand Gel 75ml

99.9%殺菌 ~ 無水...殺死細菌
sterilize ~ Kills of germs without water
成份有: 乙醇 75% (v/v)潤膚保濕霜,茶樹,羅文莎樺葉,佛手柑,檸檬,橙子,桉樹,天竺葵,甘油

Ingredient: Ethanol 75% (v/v), Emollient and Moisturiser, Tea Tree, Ravensara, Bergamot, Lemon, Orange, Eucalyptus, Geranium, Glycerine

這幾天很多朋友問我關於用天然方法,香薰消毒的問題,讓 Kat Lai 教你3分鐘DIY 天然香薰酒精搓手液!

Many friends ask us about using aromatherapy for antiseptic. Let our aromatherapy consultant “Kat Lai” teach you 3min DIY alcohol base aromatic Antiseptic spray!


I believe many people are fighting for antiseptic product and mask to protect your family! Actually natural aromatherapy antiseptic spray is very easy to DIY!

100ml 70% alcohol base aromatic Antiseptic spray. 100毫升的70%天然香薰酒精搓手液


75% alcohol 酒精 - 90ml 

Glycerin 甘油 - 5ml

茶樹 Tea tree essential oil - 60 drops

天竺葵 Geranium essential oil  - 20 drops

羅文沙華葉 Ravensara essential oil -20 drops




It is really uncomfortable to wear the mask every day, do you agree?

It is better to add 1 drop of Geranium, Ravensara, Tea Tree on the folding sides of the mask. Wait until it dry, then you can use. It can strengthen the anti-bacterial effect, while refreshing smell can relieve the sensation!