Candle Portable Aroma Diffuser Set + 5 Elements Essential Oil Set

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Product Description

Essential oils can achieve a state of balance for our body, both physically and psychologically. The unique thing about essential oils is the scent, which can stimulate the brain's edge function on the sense of smell, and the tiny aromatic molecules can cause different levels of psychological and physiological reactions in the central nervous system. Aromatherapy essential oils can balance the body and mind, improve personal self-confidence, calm down, concentrate, create happiness, help relax sympathetic nerves, and improve immunity.
Now you can spend $999 to buy our Five Elements Essential Oil set (1pc set) with a Candle Portable Aroma Diffuser (original price $2323). DK's exclusive patented Candle Portable Aroma Diffuser is made of real wax, with a three-dimensional shaking wax core. This aroma diffuser only needs to add essential oils, and the aroma can be released through the built-in air pump. The rechargeable body is easy to use and comes with remote control. The diffuser mode can be changed according to the situation. Once turned on, whether it is the soft fragrance that comes out, or the dangling small candle wick (warm light), it inadvertently creates a romantic and slow-lived surprise.